Straight 50

"It's not the gun, It's not the cartridge, Its the person behind the gun"

It takes a good shooter to post a high score during the League but it takes something special to hit a Straight 50. Below is the list of those shooters over the years who have excelled and hit that magical 50. Congratulations to all those below

League Year Name Club Where Straight 50 Was Shot
2024 David Dillon Courtlough
Gary S. Smith Hillview
Peter O'Leary Hillview
Peter O'Leary Streete
Mark Doyle Naul
2023 Ollie V Swords Courtlough
Maurice Cavanagh Courtlough
Glenn Goslin Mill Hill
Colin Dunne Bray
Colin Dunne Carrick Glenn
2022 Colin Dunne Courtlough
Colin Dunne Mill Hill
John Farrell Mill Hill
2020 & 2021 No League Due To Covid-19
2019 Jodie Devlin Millhill
Robert Smullen Cregg Wood
Colin Dunne Cregg Wood
2018 Warren Hogan Walshestown
Colin Dunne Walshestown
Peter O'Leary Walshestown
Jodie Devlin Walshestown
Ryan Byrne Batterstown
Colin Dunne Batterstown
2017 Eugene O'Hagan Mill Hill
Gavin O'Toole Balheary
John Farrell Balheary
Peter O'Leary Balheary
Geoffrey Quinn Balheary

Glenn Goslin

Shane Rogers

Matthew Gilliland



Cregg Wood

2016 Aidan Collins Balheary
John Farrell Walshestown
2015 John Farrell Dodder (Hosted by Balheary)
Aidan Collins Drumman
Jodi Devlin Consolata (Hosted by Courtlough)
2014 Mark Doyle Naul
Colin Dunne Walshestown
Colin Dunne Drumman
2013 Aiden Collins Mill Hill
Maurice Cavanagh Walshestown
2012 Ziad Chammas Lispopple
Colin Dunne Mill Hill
Peter Hanifin Batterstown
David Strickland Batterstown
2011 John Farrell Ardee
David Strickland Fingal Sports
Pat Walsh Fingal Sports
2010 Joe Hollingsworth Knockbrack
Maurice Curran Bray
Christopher Moriarty Bray
Colin Dunne Hempstown
2008 Christopher Adams Tempelogue
2004 Billy Kearns Balheary
2002 Aiden Collins Knockbrack
2000 Dermot Wynne Tempelogue