League Insurance and Safety

For 2015 the Leinster League will be operating under a Multiple Insurance system. Details are below.


Following the Leagues Insurance meeting on 2nd December 2014 it has been decided that the league will now formally recognise multiple forms of Insurance for 2015. 
It has been decided by those present that the League will now move from only accepting one insurance provider to accepting multiple Insurance providers. What this means is that the current Umbrella policy that was in place with CAI will now be dissolved and the onus will be on each club to form their own Group scheme under CAI or CSI insurance so as to provide Public Liability Insurance on their grounds.We are only recognising CAI and CSI for 2015 as at present they are the only Insurance providers that offer Public Liability to the level that is needed for a League event. Each club will have to forward proof of this Public Liability Insurance to myself prior to them being able to host their shoot.
After this policy is in place it is up to each club to decide which insurance their members will be a member of. The League is only concerned with the Public Liability Insurance. Clubs can have members of different insurances if they wish but this is their decision and it is recommended that every club member carry proof of insurance with them at all times.
Each club will have to submit their List of participants to the League Secretary stating their League number, and if a member is new or does not have a League number then one will be issued to them. The League will not be sorting out their insurance for them, this is the onus of the clubs.
For the League Committee to continue to have its own Public Liability Insurance it will be taking out its own separate Group Scheme with CAI for 2015. This will require every participating club to nominate two permanent representatives for 2015, who will have to be members of CAI and who will be named as League Committee members so as we fulfil the minimum of 7 members to form a group.
What this change means is that clubs now have more freedom to accept different insurances for their members so long as they satisfy the Public Liability Insurance. On a League event, if someone turns up as a Birds only shooter and has for example CPSA or IFA Countryside Insurance it will be the clubs decision if they want them to shoot but as before their score doesn’t count.

CAI has been informed of this change and that the current League Group is dissolved and that we will be forming a new one. It is the clubs decision if they wish to renew with CAI but if they do their new membership cards will be issued with their club name and the Leinster League and LL Number will be removed from them.

Safety Signs

The League has produced the following Safety Signs for use at your clubs throughout the year and during League events. This can be downloaded and printed for free however if you wish to have large size Plastic Signs made please contact the League Secretary and this can be arranged