Rules of the Leinster League


  • Each shoot shall consist of 50 targets over 5, 6, 7 or 8 stands. English Sporting Rules apply.
  • It is recommended that Squads should contain a maximum of 6 shooters.
  • All squads must complete the stands in numerical order unless instructed by the organisers to do otherwise.
  • Show pairs may be viewed from inside stands. Only the first shooter on the squad may see a show pair and show pair should only be given if the squad in front has already finished shooting. Only one show pair can be given.
  • Coaching will be permitted providing it does not cause any delay.
  • Referees (or the person marking the scorecard) must call all losses and also call each competitor’s score after each stand. Any score query should be resolved before leaving the particular shooting stand.
  •  All competitors should sign their cards at the end of each shoot. Scores can only adjusted if there is an error in the adding up of the stand totals to determine the overall score shot by a shooter
  • 28g shot is the maxium load allowed
  • The use of "Shotcams"  or similar devices is forbidden.

Shoot Dates and Times

  • Shoot dates for each club will be agreed at the Annual General Meeting.
  • The running order of start times for each club will be agreed each year at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Clubs must inform the secretary of their intended start time by Wednesday of the week before their shoot is to be held.
  • Squad times will be generated and circulated by the secretary on Friday before the shoot at the latest.
  • All clubs should endeavour to stick to their allocated start times. Shooters must arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of their start time.
  • All clubs must honour the advertised last entry time, even if the shoot is running ahead of schedule.

Reclassification of competitors

  • Once you are reclassified out of D class you may never be reclassified as a D class shooter.
  • You are reclassified at the end of each league provided you have shot at least 3 shoots during the current leagues season. That classification will carry through to the following years league.
  • Reclassifications are based on the raw average of your best number shoots during the previous season. The committee will decide the relevant number of shoots to count. (e.g. 7 shoots)
  • If you haven't shot in the league for 2 consecutive years, on your return to the league you will be treated as a non classified competitor as reclassified accordingly.
  • Committee reserve the right to reclassify any competitor (respectively if they wish) if a competitor is suspected of "sandbagging" or if they deem him/her to be misclassified according to known (current) ability.

Clubs and Participants

  • All participants in the Leinster League should have a valid form of Personal Accident Insurance
  • All Clubs intending on running a League Shoot must provide the League Secretary with proof of Public Liability Insurance for their grounds. This must be submitted no later than the Monday preceding their Shoot Weekend. Failure to provide proof of insurance will result in the shoot being cancelled.
  • Juniors must be under 21 on the date of the first shoot.
  • Once a shooter has shot for a particular club they cannot change clubs until the following year.
  • In order to be eligible to hold a shoot a club must have its own shooting ground and have public liability insurance
  • Shooters who return to the Leinster League after an absence of more than 2 years must be re-classified on their first three shoots.Scores and Handicaps
  • Scores should be entered into the excel spreadsheet by the club holding theshoot and the completed spreadsheet should be returned to the statistical officer on the evening of the shoot.
  • The statistical officer will circulate the results containing only individual scores on the Monday following the shoot.
  • Any complaints about scores should be communicated to the individual’s club representative who should first contact the host club to have the competitor’s score card checked. Only then can the statistical officer be contacted. All contact with the statistical officer should be by email only. No telephone contact will be accepted.
  • Official results containing club placing’s will be circulated on the Wednesday following each shoot.

Handicaps and cut off points for 2023 are as follows:

  • AAA - 45 and above, (0) target  handicap
  • AA - 41 to 44.99         (0)) target handicap
  • A- 36 to 40.99              (2) target handicap
  • B- 32 to 35.99              (5) target handicap
  • C- 27 to 31.99              (8) target handicap
  • D- Under 26.99           (11) target handicap
  • New competitors will be classed after 3 shoots. Checks will be performed by the committee to ensure newly classified individuals had not been “sandbagging” - (shooting below their ability in order to be classes in a lower class)
  • Club scores will consist of the top eight (8) Scores incl handicaps each week. Scores under 25 will not be included


  • Prizes awarded will be subject to funds received and will be reviewed yearly by the committee
  • Prizes will be given each Sunday for the high gun in each class. Each person is eligible to win this prize only once.
  • Individual class prizes (AAA, AA, A, B, C, D, Ladies, Colts,Juniors Veterans & super Vets) will be based on scores without handicaps over the best scores from their best 6 out of 9 shoots. Handicaps for the following year will also be classified on this score (e.g. best 6 average).
  • Each individual is eligible to win only 1 class prize (Sunday high guns are not included). There will be a prize for overall high gun which will be the highest scoring competitor from any class or category ( Colts, Juniors, Ladies, Veterans & Super Vets). This person is then ineligible for any other class or category prizes.
  • There will then be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in Colts, Juniors Ladies,Veterans & Super Vets
  • Winners of these prizes are excluded from the class prizes 1st, 2nd and 3rd in AAA, AA, A,  B, C, D. In the case of Junior shooters they will be awarded the highest prize available first and will then be excluded from any other class prize.

Disciplinary Procedures

  • Any individual found to be guilty by the committee of sandbagging will be classified as AA for the remainder of the year and any scores previously counted in their club’s top 8 may have their handicap subtracted.
  • A jury should be appointed for each shoot consisting of a member of the Leinster League Committee, a member of the host club and one other shooter. The jury will resolve any issues arising on the day of the shoot.

Rules regarding non return of League Trophies

  • Should any trophy winner willingly refuse to return a league trophy in the year following them winning it then they will be exempt from participating in any further league events until such time that they remunerate the league by either 1. Returning the trophy or 2. Compensate the league for the replacement of the trophy. Remuneration 1 or 2 will be decided by the League Committee.
  • 2. Following Rule 1 being applied and satisfied the individual in question will be exempt from qualifying for any league prize (Sunday High Gun, Class Prize, Straight 50, League High Gun) for a specified time as set down by the League Committee/Representatives at a scheduled meeting.
  • Disclaimer:

Conditions of entry to the Leinster Inter Club League (the “League”)

It is a condition of entry that each competitor irrevocably and unconditionally agrees to provide the following representations, undertaking and acknowledgement and in consideration of my being permitted to enter the League and in addition paying the entry fee I HEREBY: 

1. Represent that I have a current firearm’s licence for the shotgun used to shoot the League; and

2. Represent that I have current adequate insurance cover for the duration of the League; and

3. Agree and undertake that I will, if requested to do so by a member of the League’s committee, produce my firearm’s licence and evidence of my insurance cover; and

4. Acknowledge that the League’s committee (and its individual members) have no liability for any loss, injury or damage howsoever caused to me or to my property or to any other person accompanying me.

 Austin Gilligan