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The Leinster Inter Club League

The Leinster Inter Club League (Leinster League) is an inter-club competition held each year between January and June and specialises in the Sporting Discipline of Clay Target Shooting and has been in operation since as far back as 1979.

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9th May 2018

Leinster League 2018

The FINAL RESULTS from the 2018 LEINSTER INTER-CLUB LEAGUE are now posted to the Latest Results Section. 
1st May 2018

Provisional Results from Leg 10 - Harbour House

PROVISIONAL RSESULTS from Leg 10, 2018 in HARBOUR HOUSE are now posted to the Latest Results Section.
25th April 2018

2017 Charity Donation

Hallie who was born with a congenital heart disease and needs a heart transplant which cannot be performed in Ireland. At the time of writing Hallie and her parents will be meeting with Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to see if they can accept Hallie for a heart transplant. Failing this the next option is a hospital in America. Needless to say apart from all the stresses involved in little Hallie’s life the financial implications are enormous.

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