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Sunday, 6th March 2022
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Following on from a League meeting on Saturday 29th Jan 2022 we have set out below some important information regarding the upcoming league. This info will also be posted on the league website (www.leinsterleague.com)

Any shooter wishing to take part in the 2022 league should advise their club so they can register them accordingly. Each club should have a list of their participating shooters returned to the stats officer (Clara Flynn) on email no later than 11th of February. The list should indicate the appropriate category for the shooter, Example (Colt – under 16 - date of birth required, Junior – 16 to 18 yrs -date of birth required, Vet – over 60 but under 65, Super Vet 65 & over, and Ladies category. Age category will be determined by your age upon commencement of the league on 12th March 2022.

The league will commence Sat / Sun 12th & 13th March 2022, some shooting grounds will be in a position to take entries on Friday afternoons. These will be posted each week of the relevant shoot.

This year we will have nine shoots taking place with the best seven scores counting in both the club & class / category competitions. There are 14 clubs participating

A shooters class for 2022 will be determined by the average of their best six scores from the 2019 league. New shooters will be classed after their initial three scores have been submitted, however their scores will be classed on the day and included in the clubs average for the club competition.

In relation to the club scoring system for 2022, a club average will be used. This will be the combined scores of the club shooters including a new handicap allocation (see club handicaps below) It will not include any score under 25.

New Club Handicaps: (AAA & AA =0), (A= +1), (B= +3), (C= +6), (D= +9).

Class Bands:

(AAA)=45 and above,  (AA)= 41 to 44.99, (A) = 36 to 40.99, (B) 32 to 35.99, (C) 27 to 31.99

(D) Under 26.99

The above handicaps will only be added to the shooters score in relation to the clubs average. They will not apply to the individual classes / category sections. In other words the “Raw” score shot by a shooter in his / her relevant class / category is what will determine their placing in each of the classes / category competitions.

Eligibility To Shoot:  

A shooter must have a valid firearms licence for the gun in his / her possession and carry it with them during the league shoots.

A shooter must have individual insurance and carry proof of this while attending league shoots. It is the shooters responsibility to ensure they are listed in the correct club, class & category. Errors & omissions can only be corrected during & straight after week 1.  No changes will be accepted once the 2nd shoot has commenced.  So please check your details when registering at the first shoot.

Health & Safety:

Current Government  Covid- 19 regulations in place at the time of a particular shoot should be adhered to.

Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility at all times while attending league shoots. Each club will nominate a safety officer prior to a league shoot and this person(s) name should be available upon registration for each shoot.  Any H&S matters should be reported to this person(s) at the time of the incident or no later than leaving the shooting grounds.

The League Committee reserve the right to cancel / reschedule a shoot should circumstances dictate such a decision.

League Trophies:

Shooters are asked to return the 2019 trophies to Courtlough on or before the first shoot so they can be cleaned & engraved etc. Please contact Austin Gilligan on 0862552084 to confirm when you are dropping off a trophy.

Contact details:

Austin Gilligan – Chairman. Mobile 0862552084. Email secretary@leinsterleague.com

Clara Flynn – Secretary / Stats Officer. Mobile 0872696860. Email llstatsofficer@gmail.com or secretary@leinsterleague.com