2020 League Information

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Monday, 27th January 2020
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Following on from a League meeting on Wednesday last 22nd Jan 2020 we have set out below some important information regarding the upcoming league. This info will also be posted on the league website (www.leinsterleague.com)

The league will commence Sat / Sun 8th & 9th Feb 2020, some shooting grounds will be in a position to take entries on Friday afternoons. These will be posted each week of the relevant shoot.

We have an additional shoot taking place on Sat & Sun 28th / 29th March. Last year’s winning club Pineridge will be holding a shoot in Courtlough. Pineridge & Courtlough have an agreement in place whereby an agreed amount will be donated to the Leinster Junior Coaching Academy run by Aidan Collins & the ICTSA from the league entry fee.

This year we will have ten shoots taking place with the best seven scores counting in both the club & class / category competitions. There are 15 clubs participating and 750 shooters registered to take part.

A shooters class for 2020 will be determined by the average of their best six scores from the 2019 league. New shooters will be classed after their initial three scores have been submitted, however their scores will be classed on the day and included in the clubs average for the club competition.

In relation to the club scoring system for 2020, a club average will be used. This will be the combined scores of the club shooters including a new handicap allocation (see club handicaps below) It will not include any score under 25.

New Club Handicaps: (AAA & AA =0), (A= +1), (B= +3), (C= +6), (D= +9).

Class Bands:

(AAA)=45 and above,  (AA)= 41 to 44.99, (A) = 36 to 40.99, (B) 32 to 35.99, (C) 27 to 31.99

(D) Under 26.99

The above handicaps will only be added to the shooters score in relation to the clubs average. They will not apply to the individual classes / category sections. In other words the “Raw” score shot by a shooter in his / her relevant class / category is what will determine their placing in each of the classes / category competitions.

Eligibility To Shoot:  

A shooter must have a valid firearms licence for the gun in his / her possession and carry it with them during the league shoots.

A shooter must have individual insurance and carry proof of this while attending league shoots.It is the shooters responsibility to ensure they are listed in the correct club, class & category. Errors & omissions can only be corrected after week 1 so please check your details when registering at the first shoot.

Health & Safety:

Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility at all times while attending league shoots. Each club will nominate a safety officer prior to a league shoot and this person(s) name should be available upon registration for each shoot.  Any H&S matters should be reported to this person(s) at the time of the incident or no later than leaving the shooting grounds. The League Committee reserve the right to cancel / reschedule a shoot should circumstances dictate such a decision.

League Trophies:

Shooters are asked to return the 2019 trophies to Courtlough on the first shoot so they can be cleaned & engraved etc.

Shoot No Date (Sat/Sun) Club
1 8th & 9th Feb Courtlough
2 15th & 16th Feb Millhill
3 22nd & 23rd Feb Oriel
4 29th Feb & 1st Mar Batterstown ( Hosted in Ballivor)
5 7th & 8th Mar Cregg Wood
  14th & 15th Mar St Patrick's W/End
6 21st & 22nd Mar Ardee
7 28th & 29th Mar Pineridge (Hosted in C'Lough)
8 4th & 5th Apr Ballivor
  11th & 12th Apr Easter W/End
9 18th & 19th Apr Naul
10 25th & 26th Apr Hempstown
  2nd & 3rd May Presentation Weekend

Category Criteria
Clt Colt-Aged Under 16 
Jnr Junior - Aged 16 and above but under 21
Snr Senior - Aged 21 and above but under 60
Vet Vet - Aged 60 and above but under 65
Spr Super Vet - Aged 65 and above
*Note-Age is applied as at the date of the First Shoot.